What You Can Do To Prevent Back Pain

After a bout of back pain, it's only natural to worry that the problem will flare up again. Fortunately, your Elko, NV, chiropractors at Accelerated Medical, Dr. Wade Taylor and Dr. Shannon McKinney, offer lower back pain treatments and can recommend strategies that will help relieve your symptoms.

What you can do to prevent back pain

Following these recommendations and suggestions may help you avoid lower back pain:

  • Pay Attention to Your Posture: Poor posture strains the muscles in your back and may pull the vertebrae in your back out of alignment, causing pain. Reminding yourself to sit up straight can be a simple way to decrease your risk of flare-ups.
  • Use Proper Lifting Techniques: You're much more likely to experience back pain if you bend from the waist to pick up an object. Instead, squat and use your leg muscles, rather than your back muscles, to lift.
  • Ask for Help: Safe lifting techniques won't help you avoid pain if an item is just too heavy for you. If you can't easily lift the corner of a box or other object, don't try to lift and carry it by yourself.
  • Choose Ergonomic Office Furniture: Look for chairs that provide lumbar support and can be adjusted higher and lower. If you can't keep your arms at a 90-degree angle when you work, your desk may be too high or low, which can stress your back.
  • Exercise: Exercising several times a week will keep the muscles in your core strong and help you avoid lower back pain. Exercise sessions also improve flexibility and range of motion.
  • Visit Your Chiropractor: Your chiropractor not only treats lower back pain at the Elko, NV, office but can also help you avoid it. Misalignments in your spine are a common cause of back pain. Spinal manipulation, massage and other therapies realign your spine, decrease tension in soft tissues, ease pain and back spasms, and increase flexibility and range of motion. When you're spine is properly aligned, you're much less likely to strain your back muscles.

Are you struggling with lower back pain? Call your chiropractors in Elko, NV, Dr. Taylor and Dr. McKinney of Accelerated Medical, at (775) 753-7387 to schedule your appointment.

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